Monday, March 9, 2009

How Design Conference

I've been getting these e-mails from Adobe telling me about these events where you learn more about existing adobe products/ get the scoop for the updates to CS4 and I really wanted to go but they were always during the week when I had class.

I found out about the How Design Conference which is in Austin, TX from June 24th- 27th.  It looks totally sweet and I really want to go.  This is the website:  

I have a small number of friends that are interested in this kind of thing that live in or around Chicago.  It would be totally lame to go my myself and as much as I want to bring mom or dad along, I would much rather go with someone who actually wants to get something out of the conference too.  It's rather expensive, but you get a hefty discount if you're a student, especially if you register before April 1st.  There is still a bit of time and I'd have to plan around it with my summer work schedule, but I totally really need to go.  So if you're interested or questioning, check out the website.  I'll be here... waiting...

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